History of Variety's Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children

Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children was established in 1984 in memory of Charles Schreiner V, son of Mary Helen and Charlie Schreiner IV and grandson of Daurice and Jim Bowmer. Charles Schreiner V (also known as Baby Charlie) was born with a congenital heart defect, and after a courageous battle for almost a year, he passed away at the age of eleven months. Baby Charlie spent nearly all of his eleven months of life in the hospital and his grandparents wanted to create a place where children could get away from the hospital with their families for a few days and just be a part of nature. The Bowmers started Baby Charlie’s Fishing Camp and they, along with Mary Helen and Charlie, brought children and their parents from nearby Scott & White Hospital to fish on the Lampasas River.

The fishing camp grew, and the Bowmer family expanded and started what is now Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children on 120 acres adjacent to the Lampasas River. The retreat serves over 5,000 children with chronic illnesses and special needs each year. The children participate in three programs at the retreat: Summer Camp Program, Weekend Program or Environmental Education Program.

Camps at Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom holds different types of programs, that fit perfectly with your Camp needs. Please see brief descriptions below and contact us about having your camp at our Retreat!

Retreat Rentals

Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children is the place for you to hold your weekend retreat! Our weekend retreats are made up of mission-focused groups and non-mission groups. These weekend retreats can be as relaxed or active as you desire them to be. Michelle Adler, our Summer and Weekend Program Coordinator,  works with each group to customize their retreats.

Contact Michelle today to schedule a retreat for your group!


Summer Program

Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children hosts diagnosis specific camps that bring together campers who share a common experience, ranging from a physical difference to a traumatic experience to a chronic condition. We work directly with non-profit organizations and hospitals who recruit campers and counselors to attend our facility for a full week of summer camp.


Our summer campers participate in a wide variety of activities including character scavenger hunts, dance parties, talent shows and carnivals. Our staff is trained to adapt any and all activities to meet the needs of each individual camper and ensure that each camper has the option to participate fully.