Little Noah was diagnosed with autism just before his 3rd birthday. After participating in a year-long intensive early intervention program, Noah, now 4, is set to conquer the world! Given the right resources and therapy at a critical development time in his life, Noah was able to overcome many social, speech and behavioral challenges that had once dictated his life....

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Ryann, diagnosed with Autism, was once not able to speak, but now she is projected to graduate from ABA individual therapy and is finishing second grade where she is an honor roll student with minimal supports. 


Madison was a camper at Camp Teen Challenge, a camp for teens with vision differences, for several summers at Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom. During the self-defense session, Madison was asked what one of her fears was, so that she could break through a Styrofoam board symbolizing that fear. 

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Stone, like his name, is solid, resilient, and steadfast. Even before birth, Stone endured challenges like IUGR, intrauterine growth restriction.


Richard has been a long-time camper at Camp Soaring Eagle, a camp for kids with neurological differences. In addition to his neurological difference, Richard is also deaf-the only deaf camper at Soaring Eagle.

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Kase was born a healthy, beautiful nine pound baby boy in perfect health. He met all of his development milestones along with his beginning sounds and words. Around 15 months old we noticed a change in Kase.


In Summer 2017, we welcomed a new camp to the Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom family! Eva’s Heroes is a camp for young adults with intellectual special needs. Gabi was one of our first campers to join us at VPKRC with Eva’s Heroes.

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