Theater in the Woods

The movie theater seats 72 people and approximately 12 wheelchairs. The lobby contains a game room equipped with two Wii gaming systems, a PS3, two stand-up arcade games, a basketball pop-shot game, a standard pool table and an air hockey table. All games in the game room and arcade area are free of charge. The projector can show DVDs, satellite television and project a laptop computer onto a 22- foot wide screen.  The retreat has a large variety of movies for use, or you can bring your own.  The group is responsible for determining the appropriateness of all content shown during their session.  Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom can provide popcorn and soda during theater time, at the discretion of the teacher. Additionally, the theater is equipped with a hot dog cooker, drinking fountain, and microwave.


At the campfire, groups can cook marshmallows and sing camp songs together.  


At the archery site, groups can participate in target practice as they aim for the ‘bulls-eye’. Adaptive equipment is available for all groups to fully enjoy the fun!


A stage is located at the front of the theater.  The stage can accommodate short skits, talent shows and many other activities. 


The pond is located off the retreat grounds about 2 miles west.  Transportation to the pond is the responsibility of the group; the pond is capable of fitting a large school bus.  VPKRC will provide the equipment including poles, bait, etc.

Moment to Own It Games

“Moment to Own It” games are competitive teambuilding games to start the session with fun and excitement.  Each of these games is adaptable for groups ranging in age from Pre-K students to adults.

Miniature Golf

The miniature golf is a nine-hole golf course.  The course and equipment is wheelchair accessible and has overhead lighting.

Nature Trails

We have over 2½ miles of trails throughout the Retreat.  Our facilitators are able to provide information about the native Texas plants and animals during nature walks.  Some of the trails are not wheelchair accessible.

Ropes/Challenge Course

At the course, the group will be challenged mentally and physically.  A trained staff member will facilitate with the group and lead them through several different activities including a 40 ft. rock wall, “The Screamer” (a giant swing), a zip line, and many more. A Peaceable Kingdom trained ropes course instructor must be on duty during scheduled use of the ropes course. We can accommodate 15-30 students at these elements at a time.

Disc Golf

Our 9 hole disc golf course is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a Frisbee. The sport shares with "ball golf" the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest throws).

Sport Court/Gaga Ball

The sport court has two basketball hoops, a net that can set up for volleyball or tennis and all of the equipment needed. The court is not covered by a roof or tarp. We also have a gaga ball pit on site. Gaga ball is a fast-passed, engaging game for people of all ages and athletic levels.

Swimming Pool

Our Swimming Pool is open April – Sept (depending on the weather). It is approximately 50 feet long and 30 feet wide with a zero edge entry ramp for easy wheelchair accessibility.  The pool depth starts at 3 feet and goes to 12 feet. A licensed lifeguard will always be on site during pool time. A grill is available for cooking lunches.

Dinosaur Tracks

We have replicated dinosaur tracks from Glen Rose, TX and an official dig site on our nature trail.  Groups can observe the life-size tracks and begin a dig to discover hidden finds!


Our program hosts a variety of kid friendly farm animals and reptiles. Activities include feeding, grooming, petting, and learning about animal care. All interactions with animals will be facilitated by VPKRC personnel.

Low Ropes Course

Our low ropes course focuses on team building, communication, and working toward a common goal. Activities are adaptable for all ability levels and age levels from Pre-K to adults. Some popular activities include “The Pirate Ship,” “The Maze,” and “The Z”.