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Our Summer Program hosts 12 diagnosis-specific camps that bring together diverse groups of campers with a shared experience. Throughout the week, campers participate in a variety of activities including high ropes, archery, fishing, campfire and scavenger hunts where they are personally challenged and encouraged to come together to support one another. Each week is a unique experience with different opportunities to learn and grow, and new campers to get to know. One week you will watch as teens with hand differences unite their teams with chants and capture each other’s team flags, and the next you will be overcome with emotion as you listen to a quieter camper at bereavement camp break out of their shell by singing in the talent show.

Because our camp is smaller than many others, staff members get the chance to bond with each individual camper while at activities, sharing meals, or splashing around in the pool. You also get the chance to live and work closely with your peers, gaining a new family based on meaningful shared experiences. The friendships you make this summer will last a lifetime.

Throughout the three months, you can expect to build upon a foundation of valuable skills all while getting to work and play outside. Public speaking, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving will be strong suits of anyone leaving the internship at the end of the summer.

Although our Summer Program Interns spend a large amount of time with campers, their role differs from many other camps. You will be trained to facilitate all activities, support the maintenance of facilities, and assist program leadership where possible. As a result, you will learn a wide variety of activities and get to participate in all aspects of summer camp fun. While getting to spend the summer working outdoors together, you will be challenged to embrace your creative, sillier side and escape from the day-to-day stresses of life outside of camp. In creating the magic of camp for every child that enters PK’s gates this summer, you just might be swept up in the magic yourself!

Do it. Obviously. It’s so much more than an internship; it’s a home and place where you learn more about yourself.
— 2018 Summer Program Intern
This is an experience that is beyond anything you have ever known and is one of the most rewarding positions you could ever have. The kids will change your life forever.
— 2018 Summer Program Intern
Get out and do it! It’s literally life changing seeing campers come in these gates and make a drastic change right before your eyes. Not to mention the change in yourself that you can see after working with campers for just a week. Everyone comes and finds something new about life and how they want to impact the world.
— 2018 Summer Program Intern

2019 Program Dates: May 17th – August 17th

Mandatory Orientation: May 17th - June 2nd

Education Requirements

  • High school diploma

  • One year of college completed or equivalent experience

On-site training provided:

  • Food Handlers Permit

  • American Red Cross Lifeguard/ CPR Certification

  • PKRC High/Low Ropes Facilitation

  • USA Archery Instructor Certification

First time applicants must submit:

  • Completed application for first time applicants

  • 2 online recommendation forms

  • Current resume

  • Official college transcripts

Returning applicants must submit:

  • Completed application for returning applicants

  • Current resume

  • Official college transcripts

Welcome Summer Intern Team!

Submit application materials via email to
Katie Donnellon, Summer & Weekend Program Manager: katie.donnellon@varietytexas.org

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Candidates will only be contacted for an interview after successful submission of all application materials.

Prospective interns have two weeks from the time of completing the application to have all supplementary materials submitted.