The Weekend Program at Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom hosts a wide range of groups for overnight and day events. Whether your group is interested in participating in our selection of activities or renting our space to run your own programming, we are able to accommodate your group’s needs. User groups are able to provide or cater their own meals, or choose from our selection of in-house meals for an additional fee.

Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom has a variety of lodging options available to your group during your weekend retreat. We are able to host up to 90 attendees overnight.


Main House: VPKRC’s main house has a large living room/dining area, a kitchen, two bedrooms with seven bunk beds on each side, and two double baths. The bunks in this building have full beds on the bottom and twin size beds on the top. The main house is ideal for a smaller and more casual meeting room. It can accommodate up to 25 adults comfortably. The access to the kitchen facilities is included in the building usage.



Cabins in the Woods: The Retreat’s two resident log cabins accommodate 19 people each. They include a loft with 5 twin size beds, a main room for twelve people with twin size bunk beds, a back room with one twin size bunk bed, a double bath and single bath. The cabins both also feature a small kitchen area complete with refrigerator, microwave, stovetop and oven.


Klinic: The Klinic features two bedrooms with five bunk beds each, two double baths, two half-baths, a medical isolation room complete with locking medical cabinets and refrigerator, a living room, and two larger personal bedrooms. The Klinic living room includes a mini fridge in the main area as well as a microwave.


We would love to learn more about your group and how we can partner together to plan a successful event at VPKRC! Please contact Katie Donnellon at with any inquiries.