Frequently asked questions

What do Variety grants cover?

We will consider a grant for almost any product or service that is associated with a diagnosis of a special need or disability.

To be eligible to be considered for a grant the child must be 21 or under, & have a diagnosis of a special need or disability related to the request.

What are the requirements for applying for a modified vehicle or vehicle modification?

Variety will not review grants for a modified vehicle or vehicle modification that are not completely paid for except for the portion being requested from Variety. Financed vehicles will not be approved. Most families get multiple other grants (please check for more organizations that give financial aid) for the vehicle or modification.

To be eligible to be considered for a grant the child must be 21 or under, & have a diagnosis of a special need or disability related to the request.

Can I submit some or all of the required documents separately from the application?

Please attach all documents to the application. If you cannot attach all the required documents please email with an explanation. Please do not submit entire tax returns (just the pages that show what the income was for that year). Please keep in mind that all required documents must be submitted to complete the application. Incomplete applications will be deleted 60 days after preparer has started filling out the application.

Where can I get vendor or recommendation forms?

Both forms are available at

What is the recommendation form?

We need two recommendation forms filled out by medical professionals who can articulate the child's diagnosis, what is being requested and how that request will benefit the child. Recommendation form must have child's full name on it, recommender's contact information, and be signed by the recommender.

If you are requesting more than one product or service on your application make sure that the recommendation forms mention everything being requested.

The recommender cannot be employed by the vendor of the product or service being requested (or directly benefit financially from the request). The recommender cannot be a relative of the applicant.

What is the vendor form?

The vendor form is filled out by the vendor of the product or service being requested. In some cases we will accept a quote instead of a vendor form.

Vendor examples: Apple, Equipment provider, Therapist, etc.

My child does not reside in Texas. Are they eligible to apply for a grant?

Children who do not reside in Texas are not eligible for a grant from Variety of Texas. Please check to see if there is a chapter in your area. If there is not: please email

Is my child ineligible if they have insurance?

No, we give grants to children who have insurance and children who do not have insurance.

Is there an income requirement?

There is no income requirement, however, those with more financial need are given priority.

Is there an application deadline?

There is no deadline and we are always accepting new applications. Please keep in mind that incomplete applications are not considered (this includes applications that have been submitted but are missing required documents).

How long does it take to review applications?

1-3 months depending on how quickly all documentation is submitted.

Applications that are incomplete or do not have all required documents submitted are deleted 60 days after the preparer has started filling out the application.

All completed applications are reviewed. A letter informing the family of approval or denial will be mailed to their home address or emailed to the email address provided on the application.

I have more than one child that needs assistance. Do I need to complete multiple applications?

Yes. One application per child is necessary.

Can I request more than one product/ service on the application?

Yes, you can request multiple services or products. Please make sure you have a vendor form and recommendations forms for each request.

Do you have an application in Spanish?

Not at this time. We are working on this! Please email to request a pdf if you or the family you are helping needs a paper application for translation services.

What financial information is necessary?

We require documentation of all income coming into the household (including foster families).

Examples include: tax returns, pay stubs, SSI, unemployment, child support, SNAP, etc.

How much can I request?

If the child is eligible they may receive a lifetime max of $10,000 from Variety- the Children's Charity of Texas. Typically we do not give out more than $5,000 in a 12 month period.

If a grant is given for $4,000 and only $2,000 is used that child is eligible to receive $8,000 in future grants from Variety of Texas.

If my child has received funding from Variety in the past do I need to fill out a new application to request additional funding?

Yes. You can apply as many times as you would like until the child has received $10,000 from Variety (typically no more than $5,000 is given per 12 month period).

I submitted my application but when I checked my account it is marked "Incomplete". What does that mean?

If your application has changed from "Submitted" to "Incomplete" that means you are missing information or documents that are necessary to review the application. Please make sure you are filling out everything on the application and submitting all documents required.