Frequently asked questions

What type of things can I apply for? 

You can apply for anything that might empower your child with special needs to live a better life. We have created categories that most requests fall into below: 

Variety Freedom– equipment, products and other services designed to improve a child with limited mobility’s access to his/her community.

Variety Caring – assists children with their medical needs other than mobility related resources. 

Variety Future Kids – special education resources and life experiences that help children communicate, learn, and get out into their community the way every child should. 

Can I send a partially completed application? 

All incomplete applications will expire 60 days after we receive them. All expired applications will be discarded and any personal information will be shredded.

What if I don’t have my tax returns to submit with the application? 

1. You can request a copy of your tax return transcript here

2. If you do not receive a tax return, please contact us at 512-328-5437 or by email at

My partner and I are separated. Do I need to submit financial documents for them as well?

If your partner still contributes financially to the care of your child, please include financial documentation (1040 tax form) as well as documentation for child support.

I receive supplemental income from the government. Do I need to include documentation of this?  

Yes, if you receive supplemental income (SSI, SSDI, SNAP Benefits, etc.) please include formal documentation of the amount received.

Do I have to submit a denial from insurance? 

Yes, unless you are requesting an iPad or adaptive tricycle. If you cannot receive a formal letter of denial or the item is partially covered, please include the coverage details in your insurance manual pertaining to the item or service requested. 

Do you have an application in Spanish? 

Not at this time. If a family is need of a pdf of the application so that they may fill it out with the help of a translator please email to request the latest version. 

I have more than one child that needs assistance; do I need to complete multiple applications? 


How do I submit my application? 

We have updated our application to be an online application. Families without internet access or who need to complete their application with the help of a translator may be eligible to receive a paper application. 

I need an extra vendor, recommendation, or application form where can I find this? 

Forms are available on our application page.