Can I apply?

  • Applicants can apply for assistance through age 21.
  • Applicants can receive financial assistance no greater than $5,000 per year, with a lifetime maximum of $10,000.

We’re here to help you every step of the way through our confidential application process.

To better serve your needs, we are currently updating our application system. While we undergo this process, all grant requests will temporarily be vetted via email.

Please carefully follow the instructions to ensure your request can be reviewed as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Please keep in mind that any applications missing information will not be reviewed.


What can I
apply for?

(Medical procedures, services & equipment)

Assists with non-mobility related medical needs such as prescriptions, life-saving surgery, therapy, and other medically necessary procedures.

(Mobility equipment & mobile therapy)

Provides mobility devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, specialized bikes, and therapy to increase mobility and independence.

(Education, experience & play)

Provides funding for special educational resources and equipment to improve academic performance and communication skills.

*Variety does not provide reimbursements for products or services.

How can I apply?

  • Click “Request an Application” below. In the email body, please outline the details of your request, including the name and age of your child, diagnosis/special need, and the specifics of your grant request.
  • If it is possible that we can meet your needs, we will send you an application.
  • We will review you application and let you know the status.
  • Denied applicants may reapply one calendar year after the date of denial letter.
  • Incomplete applications expire 60 DAYS after we receive them. All expired applications will be discarded and any personal information will be shredded. 
  • Unfortunately, because of the volume of applications we receive, we aren’t able to give status updates, but if you are approved or denied, you will be contacted directly by our Program Coordinator, Kimberly Gifford, either by mail or phone.

Adaptive Van applications 

Applications requesting financial assistance for adapted vans must meet the following requirements and provide the following information in order to receive assistance:

  • Applications must include detailed plan for payment of van in order to be considered (i.e. who will be contributing and for how much).
  • Applications must be formally approved by our board before any financial assistance will be given.
  • Vans must be fully paid for minus Variety’s approved amount before Variety will make any payments (financial assistance will not be given to financed vans).
  • Any approved Variety funds will be paid directly to the company selling the van (families will not be reimbursed).